November 09, 2018

"Michael Fenuccio isn’t exactly hiding in the shadows. The shadows don’t even exist for him — he sees, breathes, is color, in all its glory. Teaming up with his buddy Andrew Novoa to launch a synth-pop project called Souvenir, Michael’s putting out neon dance ballads dripping in emotion." 

Study Breaks Magazine

January 01, 2018

“It’s not hard to tell why “Neon Dream” blazed the trail for the rest of the EP to follow. As an assortment of synths and chimes subtly complement the froggy ribbets of the bass, Novoa shows that he can borrow from the library of ’80s sounds without ever being derivative. Fenuccio, too, exhibits his talents as a vocalist with melismatic runs and as a songwriter with smart lines of verse.”

The Miami Hurricane

January 28, 2018

"Neon Dream’s agile vocals carry the EP through a series of emotional highs and lows. With the triumphant harmonies of “Stay,” which echo current artists like Troye Sivan, and the deep, melismatic sounds in “Push Pull,” vocalist and primary songwriter Mike Fenuccio demonstrates his range both in pitch and emotion.”

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